Login to JioFi Modem Backend using the web page – jiofi.local.html – and You Can change the WiFi default password, username, and Some router settings.

But What is JioFi.Local.HTML? If you are a JioFi User then to make any changes in the JioFi Setting you need to login to an Admin Panel, Here http: //jiofi.local.html lets you visit the JioFi Admin Portal and You can change any Setting.

So, is this http //jiofi.local.html is a wrong address?

Yes, Any Web Address rather than https://jiofi.lcal.html is wrong to access the JioFi Admin Login Page. But don’t worry you can use the following button to Visit the Original Page.

Steps to login to jiofi.local.html

Here are in short steps to log in to the JioFi Admin follow them or just use the detailed guide given below.

First of all make sure you’re connected to JioFi Wifi, to login into JioFi Local Html, Then follow these steps:

  1. Connect With your JioFi using Wi-Fi or USB Tethering.
  2. Then Open any web browser, and Enter this Address, type http://jiofi.local.html/
  3. Now Enter the login details. (The default username is “administrator” and the default password is also “administrator”.) and click on Log in.
  4. Congrats You are successfully Logged in to JioFi Admin Panel that is Jiofi Local

Once you are login you can do whatever you want for eg:Changing Password/Wifi Name etc.

JioFi Login Default Username & Password

You need to use this Username and password to log in to JioFi Admin Panel as shown above
Username: administrator
Password: administrator

Why You Are Not Able to log in to Jiofi.local.html?

The reason why you are getting errors while logging in is, you are using the wrong address joifi.local.html.
The correct word is Jiofi, not Joifi, but don’t worry it’s quite natural and happens with everyone. Just make sure you use the right address.

what is – jiodongle.local.html?

Here is the answer, The JioFi is also known as Jio Dongle as it looks like a dongle. So sometimes people Misunderstood the http://jiofi.local.html with http://jiodongle.local.html. But the Right address is jiofi.local.html only.

Detailed Step by Step Guide to login to jiofi.local.html

Here is detailed info on How to Log in to jiofi.local.html step by step using your JioFi. Then Follow These Steps given below.

Time Required: 10 minutes

Step 1:– Connect Jiofi Using Default Password


When you buy a new device you need to connect it with wifi Password you can find the SSID and Password on the JioFi Bos or in the battery section of JioFi Device. Connect the JioFi device using SSID & Password.

Step 2:- Open Browser and Enter the Address

Click on the Admin button below to open the JioFi Admin Panel
jiofi.local.html Login

Step 3:– Enter Username and Password and Login


Now you will see one login panel as shown below. If you are new then you can use the default Username and Password insert the username and password as shown below.

How to Connect Smart TV with JioFi Modem?

Connecting TV and Mobile phone to your JioFi device is the same. You just need to know these 2 things before connecting your Jiofi Device.

> Your Jiofi SSID
> Your Jiofi Password

Both of these pieces of information are given on the JioFi Box and inside your Jiofi Device check battery section and go ahead.

Step 1: – Make sure your JioFi Device is Turned ON and close to your Smart TV. Now go to your TV Network/Connectivity Settings.

Step 2: – Now Go to Wifi Settings in TV and Search for Wifi Device Available nearby. Now check your SSID on the JioFi box and Select the same device showing in your TV Wifi List.

Step 3: – Add the Password and click OK to connect the Jiofi with your TV. Make sure you know the SSID and Password to connect your JioFI with any device.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1. What is JioFi Hotspot?

Answer: JioFi Hotspot is a portable wifi Device Designed by Jio Telecom that is used as Wifi Router by Jio Customer. This portable hotspot device offers high-speed 4G Internet

Q 2. What is JioFi Admin Login IP?

Answer: If you want to login to your JioFi you can use any one method to login from below.
1. Visiting Address – http://jiofi.local.html
2. Visiting the – IP

Q 3. What is JioFi SSID?

Answer: The SSID (Service Set Identifier) is also called a Wifi Name by selecting it you can enter the password and connect with it.
In Short: The name of your Wifi is called as SSID

Q 4. How to Buy JioFi Device?

Answer: Currently, this JioFi Device is available in Shops and Online Stores like Amazon and Flipkart. You can order online or contact the nearby shops.
Buy Now @Amazon

Q 5. What is My Jiofi SSID and Password?

Answer: Your JioFi SSID and Password or Wifi Name and Password is given on the box of your device OR inside the device where the battery is placed. You can use it to connect your Mobile/TV with JioFI

Q 6. Is Jio SIM free with JioFi?

Answer: Yes! Jio Sim is free with JioFi Device. But you have to submit some documents and may be asked for some Sim Recharge fees.

Q 7. Is JioFi better than broadband?

Answer: No! It depends because I am using BSNL Fiber and it’s 50MBPS. If you can work with 5MBPS and the 1GB per day plan is ok for you then JioFi can be a better choice for you.

Q 8. Is JioFi good for smart TV?

Answer:Yes! This device can support your Smart TV you can decide by following parameters.
1. Full HD Streaming needs 3MBPS Internet
2. 2k Streaming Needs 10MBPS Internet
3. 4K Streaming Needs 20MBPS Internet
And JioFi Supports up to 50MBPS Internet Speed and if you get 10MBPS speed then it is more than enough to watch Live TV on JioFi

Q 9. Why is my Jio WiFi so slow?

Answer: There are several possible reasons for Slow Internet Speed:
1. Your Jio Network may have a low strength/Range
2. Your JioFi Hotspot is away from your TV/Mobile
3. Your JioFi Hotspot is not in place to Get Jio Tower Signal.
4. The Jio network is too busy or having a heavy user load.
5. Your Jio Daily Plan is exhausted the limit and you are using PSU data.
6. Technical Difficulty in Jio Tower contact Jio Customer support

Q 10. Is it a Good Deal to Buy JioFi Device?

Answer: YES! If the Jio network in your area is good and your Area is not having budget Broadband Providers. Then You Buying JioFi is a very good deal for you.

Q 11. What does blue light on JioFi mean?

Answer:JioFi Hotspot comes with 3 Light indicators as follows:
1. Red Light indicates Poor Signal OR No Sim
2. Blue Light indicates Medium Signal Strength
3. Green Light Indicates Very Good Signal Strength

Q 12. If we reset JioFi, we lost our balance or not

Answer:No! If you Reset JioFi then You just Reset the Settings in that Device this helps you if you forgot your password. This does not affect your Jio Plan

Q 13. Windows 7 not detecting JioFi

Answer: Use JioFi with Wifi If you are using JioFi with USB Tethering then use Genuine Windows copy and Update your USB Drivers.

Q 14. How to Crack/Unlock JIOFI with universal master code?

Answer: There is one procedure on the Internet going viral about how to crack JioFi and use other company Sim.

1. Go to Google And Download Universal Master Code.
2. Select a modem manufacturer and model of your JioFi.
3. Now Enter the IMEI number of your JioFi.
4. Click on Calculate.
5. It takes some time to calculate the unlock code and Flash code.
Congrats All Done!!
Warning: This can be fake!!! Because Jio uses Volte Technology and the JioFi is only usable with JioSim even if you think of cracking the Device I would not suggest you do so. Either you will fail or you will not be able to use the JioFi with any sim Again.
Option: Buy any other Modem to use any 4G sim as Wifi.

Q 15. What is a tethered connection?

Answer: Tethering/theathring is a process of Using Mobile as a Modem that is When You use Mobile or any device as a modem to share the Internet to the Computer using Wifi/Bluetooth/USB is called Tethering.

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