I am going to share some exciting JioFi plans, from ₹151 to ₹1206 and each plan is worth to use it. The best thing about each JioFi plan is you will get something extra bonus for free.

But the Best Plan that Jio Recently Launched is 30 GB of Data for 30 Days in just ₹151. I will recommend this plan for JioFi users only if you need extra data for a month.

Best jioFi Prepaid Plans for Unlimited Data:

If you are using the JioFi only for Wifi Purpose then I will recommend you to go with any of these Best JioFi Plans that gives you Unlimited Data to use.


Note: Jio Prepaid plans support 4G speed up to the FUP and beyond you will get up to 64KBPS speed till unlimited data.


Suggestion: If you think you do not use the full data in a single month then Use Jio Postpaid Sim in Your Jiofi device as Jio Postpaid Plus plans.

Some Best of JioFi Plans for Today:

  • ₹151 Work From Home Plan
  • ₹201 Work From Home Plan
  • ₹251 Work From Home Plan
  • ₹499 Cricket Plan

List of The Best JioFi Prepaid Data Plans:

You will get detail info of all selected plans on jio website my request is to recheck these plans before you recharge.

SRPrice and PlanDataValidity
1₹151 Work From Home30 GB30 Days
2₹201 Work From Home40 GB30 Days
3₹251 Work From Home50 GB30 Days
4₹499 Cricket Pack (Free Hostar)84 GB56 Days
5₹1004 Disney+ Hotstar 200 GB120 Days
6₹1206 Disney+ Hotstar240 GB180 Days
7₹1208 Disney+ Hotstar240 GB240 Days

Terms And Conditions: for Some JioFi Prepaind Plans

You can Recharge Your Jiofi Sim online or offline. But before you Recharge please read these conditions given for the plans shown above.

  • The Work from Home Packs is best for only Internet Users there is no condition on data use.
  • In the Cricket pack, you will get 1.5GB/Day for 56 Days.
  • In the ₹1004 Pack, You will get data on monthly Cycles (50GB/Month)
  • In the ₹1206 pack, You will get data on Monthly Cycles (40GB/Month)
  • In the ₹1208 pack, You will get data on Monthly Cycles (30GB/Month)

Best JioFi plans With Unlimited Data + Calling:

Now it’s time for those who use the JioFi device for Data and Calling Purpose. If you don’t know how to use JioFi for calling then Read this guide – How to Call from Jiofi?


Please Note: Plans mentioned in table below already comes with Unlimited Calling so I will not mention the Calling Tab.

SRPlan PricingDataValidity
1₹349 (3GB/day)84 GB28 Days
2₹401 (3GB/day+ 6GB) + Hotstar90 GB28 Days
3₹999 (3GB/day)252 GB84 Days
4₹249 (2GB/day)56 GB28 Days
5₹444 (2GB/day) 112 GB56 Days
6₹599 (2GB/day)168GB84 Days
7₹598 (2GB/day) + Hotstar112 GB56 Days
8₹2599 (2GB/day+ 10GB) + Hotstar740 GB365 Days

These are some best Plans for JioFi if you are using it for Unlimited data and Calling feature. If in case you need limited data and want to carry forward the old data I will suggest to go with Postpaid plans.

In Jio Postpaid Plus plan you are able to carry forward your data pack and also able to share your data with your family members.

The Jio Postpaid plus allow you to use multiple Jio Sims under a single Bill per month. To know more visit the Jio Store or Jio website.

Jio PostPaidPlus Plan with Netflix Amazon Prime and Hotstar

How to Check my JioFi Balance?

There are two ways you can check your Jio Sim or JioFi Data usage, Call and SMS Usage; by Using My Jio App and by Using Jio Website.

You can use MyJio App on your Mobile to check Your JioFi usage and if you want to check the JioFi usage from a PC/Laptop then use the Jio website.

Check JioFi Balance: By Using MyJio app – On Mobile:

  • Install and Open the MyJio App in Your Mobile
  • Then Sign In to MyJio using the Jio Mobile Number and OTP
  • Select ‘Check usage’ from the homepage and tap on the category – (Voice, Data, SMS, WiFi)
  • Choose Data Usage because you are using a SIM car in Your JioFi.
  • To Check Your Jio Broadband Usage Choose Wifi Option

Check JioFi Balance: By Using Jio.com On PC:

  • Go to Jio Website Login Page from your PC/Laptop Browser.
  • Then Choose Your Device and Enter the Jio Number.
  • Then log in with your Jio Mobile Number and OTP
  • Click on ‘Usage‘ in the ‘Summary‘ tab. A Graph will appear showing your Data Usage
  • To check each usage click on Detail Usage and you can see the usage by category – (Voice, Data, SMS, WiFi)

Check JioFi Balance: Jio Balance Check by calling 1299:

You can check your Jio Data Balance and current active plan and expiry data by just doing one thing.

Give a Miss Call on 1299 Using Your Jio Sim and wait for one SMS from jio. The SMS you will recieve includes Your Current Plan, Remaining Data and Expiry Date.


This is the simplest step to check your Jio Data Balance. Just Make sure you call on this number with jio number only.

If you want to check your JioFi Sim Data Balance by calling 1299 then follow this process:

  • Install My jio App in Your Mobile
  • Connect Your Phone to JioFi wifi
  • Log in with the JioFi Sim number
  • Then call on 1299 using My jio app.
  • After the call is disconnected you will receive one SMS with Data balance.