Hey, Jio Users lets see can we Increase the JioFi Speed to the maximum level that is up to 150 MPBS. Here I will be using the latest JioFi device JDR 740 Modem and checking its speed with some Pros and cons.

How to Increase Wifi Speed? The basic Rule for JioFi speed is Network Coverage at your place, the distance between you and wifi and some basic settings are some primary hacks to increase JioFi Speed.

How to Increase JioFi Speed?

  • Log in to JioFi Admin Panel
  • Go to Wifi Settings
  • Select Channel 9
  • Click Save

How My Tenant Increased his JioFi Speed to 50MPBS?

There are several ways to get High Speed at your Home using any wifi.

Let me tell you a story: My Tenant is living on the ground floor and he is a JioFi user. Being Specific he is using the JDR740 device.

He works mostly at night time but whenever he wants to work in the daytime he faces an issue with Network and Internet Speed. But then he implemented one trick.

  1. He Attached the JDR 740 to his Powerbank.
  2. Then Placed the JDR740 at the Maximum Coverage area.
  3. Then Used an old Router as a Repeater.
  4. And got the following Speed Result.
JioFi Speed Test Last Night

Settings to Increase JioFi Speed:

If we consider that you are living in a good coverage area of Jio and Your Area does not have overloaded Jio Users then we can increase JioFi Speed with 2 steps setting.

Time Required 5 minutes

Step 1: Open http://Jiofi.local.html

The very first step is always open the JioFi Admin Panel by visiting this address http://jiofi.local.html and Log in with default Username and Password
Username: administrator
Password: administrator

Step 2: Go to LTE Settings

JioFi LTE Settings

Now once you are logged in go to Settings >> LTE Settings and Change the settings as follow: and Click Apply
APN For Network: Manual
APN: jionet
IP Type: IPv4

Step 3: Go to Wifi Settings

JioFi Wifi Settings

Now once you have set the JioFi LTE SEttings its time to change the JioFi Wifi Settings. Go to Settings >> Network Settings just below the LTE Settings. and change it as shown below: and click apply.
Channel: 11 (Choose any between 8 to 13)
802.11 Mode: bgn-mode
WMM: Enable
SSID Broadcasting: Broadcast

If you are getting a High Speed at your Roof Area but not in your Bedroom I would like to recommend you use our Wifi Extend Trick.

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Conclusion: In the end, I would like to conclude that we can Increase JioFi Speed up to 50 MPBS with these tricks but I know in very good coverage the speed can go up to 150 MBPS easily.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

Q1: How to Increase JioFi Speed in PC?

Answer: To Increase JioFi Internet Speed in PC you can connect the JioFi with the PC using a USB cable and use the Tethering Option. The Wired Connection gives better Speed than Wifi. Make sure JioFi is not connected with more than 5 devices to get high speed.

Q2: How to Increase JioFi Speed on Android?

Answer: Place Your JioFi in the High Coverage area and follow The JioFi Wifi Settings and use the Internet on your Mobile using Wifi. Make sure JioFi is not connected with more than 5 devices to get high speed.

Q3: Does JioFi increase speed?

Answer: Yes!! Your JioFi is capable of serving you the Internet at 150 MBPS speed. If you want to use it at maximum speed try out JioFi Wifi Settings

Q4: Why my JioFi speed is very slow?

Answer: Here are some Reasons for JioFi Slow Speed:
1. You are in Low Network Coverage Area
2. Your area has more than capacity Jio Users
3. Your JioFi is in Powersaving Mode
4. Your JioFi is on Low battery
5. Your JioFi Recharge is Expired
6. You have exausted the Data Limit