You can Change JioFi Password by using Mobile/Laptop. You just need to login to the Admin Panel and change the password in Settings.

Steps to Change JioFi Password

  • Connect with Your JioFi
  • Then Open and log in to Jiofi.local.html
  • Now Go to the Settings menu
  • Then Look for the Security key in the Settings
  • There You can Change the key click and Save.

How to Change JioFi Password and Name?

Follow these Steps to change the JioFi Password. I would suggest you to use Laptop/Pc because it is easy to display and operate on PC.

If you have forgotten your JioFi old Password then You have to Reset your JioFi Device and Follow the process given below.

These Steps also help if you just buy a new JioFi Modem and want to change the Password.

Step 1: Reset Your JioFi Device (for Forgot Password)

If you have forgotten your JioFi old Password then you need to follow this process first. You can find the Reset Button on your JioFi Device Side panel. Check the image below.

How to Reset the JioFi Modem

Step 2: Connect Your Mobile/PC with JioFi Wifi

You need to connect with the JioFi Wifi before logging in to the JioFi Admin Panel. The Default Password will be given on the JioFi Box or Inside the battery Space of your JioFi Device.


Step 3: Login to JioFi Admin Panel – jiofi.local.html

Now if you have connected with the JioFi Wifi then you can log in to the JioFi Admin Panel by visiting this address – http://jiofi.local.html

Then you need to login thereby entering the default username and password as administrator


Step 4: Go to Wifi Settings and Change Password

As you are inside the Jiofi Admin Panel now you can change jiofi password by following these steps:

Go to Settings >> Then Go to Wifi Settings

Check the image below and change your Wifi Password

JioFi Password and Name Change Settings

Note: You can change the name and Password at one time but do not save the settings before you are sure about the changed Jiofi Password and Name.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What is My JioFi Password?

Answer: Your Default JioFi Password is given on the Box of JioFi Device or inside the battery section of your JioFi

Q 2. How can I find my JioFi Password?

Answer: Open your JioFi Device – Then Remove the Battery then find the Password written on your device.

Q 3. How do I know if my device is JioFi connected?

Answer: When The tower Signal on Your JioFi device becomes Green it means you are connected with the Internet.
To use the Internet Make sure you are connected with JioFi Wifi.

Q 4. How many Device can be used on JioFi Wifi?

Answer: You can Connect upto 32 Device with your JioFi wifi at a time. But The Recomended Value is Connect 10 Device at a time.

Q 5. Why should I change my JioFi Password?

Answer: The default JioFi Password is not easy to remember or sometimes it is easy to crack.
So if you change your JioFi Password it is easy for you but hard for others.