what is WPS in JioFi? The WPS stands for Wifi Protected Setup. Using WPS Option You can Connect the Wifi Router and Wireless device like Cameras without any Password

If you don’t know your JioFi Password and want to connect your Mobile with the Jiofi Wifi Modem then this WPS Button will help you.

WPS Button comes with any Wifi Router/Modem this helps us to connect our mobile to the Router without entering any password.

How to Connect JioFi with Mobile/Laptop Using WPS Option?

Follow the steps below if you don’t know your JioFi Password and want to get connected. Then you can change the password of JioFi and use it.

Step 1: Go to Mobile Wifi Settings:

The very first step is to activate the WPS Option in your Mobile Wifi follows the instruction below.

Go to Wifi Settings of Mobile
Then Click the Advance option
You will see a Connect with WPS option click on it.

Step 2: Press JioFi WPS Button:

While your Mobile WPS option is Scanning press the WPS Button on JioFi and wait for a while.

It will take around 10 seconds to connect keep your Mobile and JioFi nearby to avoid interference.

Step 3: Reset Your JioFi Password:

If you are using 1 or 2 devices you can skip this step. But to make sure you know the password of your JioFi device you need to login to the admin panel and then reset the Password.

You will get a detailed guide on How to Reset JioFi Password easily

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What is WPS Button on JioFi

Answer: WPS option on Jiofi is used to securely connect the Jiofi and Mobile without any Password

Q 2. How long do you have to press the WPS button?

Answer: Press the WPS for 2 Seconds, but make sure to use the WPS button on Router and Mobile Simultaneously (within 2 Minit) to ensure successful connection

Q 3. Should WPS be on or off?

Answer: Keep it ON! Because, this option remains on for very short duration. And it is very useful in case you forget the Password.

Q 4. Does the WPS button reset the WiFi?

Answer: Yes!! WPS button can Reset the Wifi. If you Press the Button for 2 Seconds it will turn on the WPS Connection. But if you Press the WPS Button for More than 10 Seconds the Router will Restart and Reset.

Q 5. What does WPS button look like?

Answer: The WPS Button always comes with the WPS Label. You will see this WPS either printed on the Button or on the Side of the Button of Router.