If you are working with JioFi Hotsopot but you do not use any other jio Sim in your mobile then this My Jio App on PC can help you in multiple ways.

Downloading My Jio App directly on Windows/Mac PC is not possible as this App is just made to run on Android OS only.

How to Download My Jio App on PC?

So if you really want to download My Jio App on Windows 8/10 PC or Mac PC then you will have to install;

  • Android OS Emulator on PC
  • Android OS in your PC

The first Android OS Emulator is software like Bluestack that helps you to download any Android app on your PC. for Eg: Whatsaap, Youtube, MyJio App, Candy Crush, Telegram etc.

The second option is to install Android Operating System like Windows but you can use any either the Windows or Android System.

How to Use Jio App?

To Use any Jio App You need to use Jio Network – So Make Sure you are connected to the JioFi Device with a PC


let’s get started with the first option. Now follow these steps given below carefully and you can download any android app like My Jio App on your PC/Laptop.

Step 1:- Download and Install Bluestack

Download the Bluestack Android Emulator This is legal and safe and free to use the software.

Now install the Bluestack and complete setup like your mobile phone and log in with any Gmail account in it.

Step 2:- Download My Jio App in Bluestack

Now open the Bluestack and go to Play Store and search for My Jio App and then click on Install.

Step 3:- Sign in to My Jio and Use it

To operate the My JIo app you will have to connect your PC with Jio Sim Internet or this App may not work. How to connect with JioFi

Congrats Now you can set up your My Jio App and operate in from PC. Like this, you can install any Android app or game on your PC and enjoy it.

Why to Download My Jio App?

You can download the My Jio App on Mobile or PC but you must have this app if you are using a Jio Sim. This app can provide you features given below:

  • Check JioFi Account Balance
  • Check JioFi Data Balance
  • Check usage details for JioFi Calls, Data, and Messages
  • Generate detailed statements
  • Manage Multiple accounts
  • Manage your JioFiber devices
  • Manage your JioFiber Wi-Fi connection
  • Manage your International Roaming settings
  • Link and pay with JioMoney
  • Set up auto-pay for hassle-free payments
  • Use JioSaavn, JioCinema, JioEngage, Jio Cloud
  • Find Jio apps
  • Troubleshoot and get answers to your problems
  • FAQs and more.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. My present Jio plan expires on 6.8.2020.when should I recharge?

Answer: There is no fixed date to Recharge your Jio Number You can Recharge on Any Day and your next pack will start after the old Expire.

Q 2. My Jio plan ended 14 days ago How can I recharge did my number was blocked?

Answer: Any Telecom including Jio Can not Deactivate your Mobile Number. And when You buy Jio Sim it comes with Unlimited Jio Prime Membership

Q 3. How to Recharge Jio Prime ₹99

Answer: Jio has shifted this plan from 1 Year to Unlimited period. When You buy New Jio Sim you Pay ₹99 for Jio Prime then if you continue using it there is no need to Recharge the Prime again.

Q 4. I want to use my SIM whatsapp even if SIM is in Jio dongle..is it possible

Answer: Yes! It is possible. Whatsapp just need and first Time OTP when you login, after that you can use the sim and Whatsapp account in different devices.

Q 5. My frnd port Her idea number to Jio on my Jio number then her card is now on which owner me or her

Answer: She is the Owner Now !! Because, when we Port any Mobile number we need to submit the Govt ID and MNP Code to change the Operator. After this the New person becomes the Owner of that SIM.

Q 6. If I am using someone else’s jiosaavn Pro can I change the Jio tune of my account

Answer: No!! When you get any Subscription from any Sim operator it is attached to that Mobile Number. So you can change the caller Tune of that number only.

Q 7. How to recharge my Jio phone now because of lockdown?

Answer: You can Recharge your Jio Phone by following ways:
1. Fom Nearby Shop
2. Online My Jio App
3. Using Bank ATM
4. Using Phonepe App/PayTm App/Google Pay App etc
5. If you use Mobile Banking then you can recharge using SMS Banking