Jio Fiber recently has launched the Jio Fiber Prepaid Plans Jio Fiber Truly Unlimited Data and Voice Calls with 11 OTT Platforms for Free. Those customers from 1st Sept 2020 onwards will get some extra benefits of 30 Days Free Trial.

Truly Unlimited Data and Voice Calls:

Talking about these truly unlimited plans then there are several plans that are Jio Fiber Prepaid Plans comes with Truly Unlimited Data and Voice.

  • In ₹399 You will get Truly Unlimited Data + Voice Calls no OTT Plan @30 MBPS
  • In ₹499 You will get Truly Unlimited Data + Voice Calls no OTT Plan @100 MBPS
  • In ₹999 You will get Truly Unlimited Data + Voice Calls with 11 OTT Platforms @150 MBPS
  • In ₹1499 You will get Truly Unlimited Data + Voice Calls with 12 OTT Platforms @ 300 MBPS

You can check other plans at the Jio website. The image above will give you short info about these Prepaid Plans that are offering Unlimited Data plus Voice for all.

Please Note: If you are looking for 11 OTT Apps Subscription or Plans above ₹999 then you need to purchase the Jio 4k Set-top box with ₹2500 Total Deposite and If you do not choose the Set-top box then your deposit will become ₹1500 but you will not able to access those OTT Apps without this Set-top box

The fresh Jio Fiber Bronze Rs. 399 monthly plan offers “truly unlimited data” at 30Mbps speed and unlimited voice call benefits to subscribers.

Jio Fiber 30 Days Free Internet:

Jio also noted that all the new Jio Fiber customers that are activating their first connection from September 1 will get the 30-day free trial period. Furthermore, any Jio Fiber customers onboarded between August 15 and August 31 will also get the 30-day free trial benefit as a voucher in MyJio.

To opt this service you need to apply for the connection by following steps below:

  • Visit Jio Registration Link Click Here
  • Fill up Your Name and Number and confirm the OTP
  • Then it will ask you for your Proper Address, mention your Pin code and Proper Address.
  • Customer Care will contact you soon and 30 Days free Internet connection will be given to you with 150 MBPS Data Speed. with ₹2500 One time Refundable Amount.
  • In case you do not like the service you can close the connection and get your Deposit back.

Offer: Those who do not have Jio Fiber in their city will get the message of We are working on your City and will launch our Service Soon. If you are one of them then you can use JioFi till then

Jio Fiber is the first Broadband service that provided truly unlimited features in their plans. The cheapest plan of Jio Fiber that is the Bronze Plan worth ₹399 is most suitable for low usage and budget people.

Please note event if it means 30 MBPS Speed it is not guaranteed but it will be up to 30 MBPS Speed till Unlimited 30 Days.

If get the chance to buy Jio fiber connection I would like to choose the ₹999 Plan and get full access to 4k TV and Unlimited Internet. Till then Thanks to JioFi life is going on.