I know your JioFi is not Connecting to the Internet. But don’t worry; Sometimes it happens we try to use the Internet but somehow we don’t get the connectivity.

Quick Check JioFi Connection

Here is some quick check if your JioFi is not Connecting:

1. Check the Light Singles of Tower Indicators.
Red – Sim not inserted or No Coverage.
Blue – Good Network but Not Connected.
Green – Internet is Connected.

2. Check if the Wifi is Showing on your Phone
3. Try the WPS Connection.

How to Solve if JioFi is Not Connecting?

Lets get started with the troubleshooting process and get the JioFi connected to the Internet.

Check the Light Signals on JioFi

Indicator – The JioFi Showing Red Light Tower:

Solution – The Red light indicator means you have not inserted the Sim properly, check the SIM. Or Your JioFi is not getting proper Coverage, try to go for a better location where you get some tower signal.

Indicator – The JioFi Showing Blue Light Tower:

Solution – This Blue Light Indicator means you are getting the Tower Signals but have not connected to the Internet. Please check Your Internet Plan is activated or expired.

If your JioFi is showing Green Light Tower then the Internet is On but you are not getting the Wifi Signal Properly. For this Check the Next Solution.

Check the JioFi WiFi is Showing or Not:

Turn on Your Mobile Wifi and Search for the Wifi Network. Try to stay closer to your JioFi device for better connectivity.

If you see the wifi try to get connected with your Wifi. If you get connected then Problem is solve.

If you forgot your JioFi Password and want to Reset the Password follow this Guide for How to Change JioFi Password.

If you dont get the wifi Singal please try this next Solution.

Try to Use the WPS Connection

If you want to get a detail help please read our guide about What is WPS in JioFi?

In Short Go to Mobile Wifi Settings -> Advance Settings -> Check for WPS Connection.

When you find this option and click on it make sure you press the WPS Button on JioFi For 3 Seconds.

It will take a while around 1 Minit and Your mobile will get automatically connected with the JioFi.

Note: Do not Long Press the WPS Button on JioFi this will reset Your JioFi Setting.

If still you are facing issues in getting connected with the JioFi please Update the Firmware or Visit the Customer Support.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What to do if JioFi net is not working?

Answer: Check the Light Indicators showing on your JioFi Device.
Red – Sim not inserted or No Coverage.
Blue – Good Network but Not Connected.
Green – Internet is Connected.

Q 2. How do I reset my JioFi?

Answer: Your JioFi has a Reset Button find it and Press it for 15 Seconds and Your JioFi Device will get Reset.
But You will have to Connect the Wifi again using the Default Password

Q 3. Can I use Airtel SIM in JioFi?

Answer: No!! You can not use any other SIM in your JioFi Modem. There is a reason All Other SIM are just 4g Network Technology but the Jio Sim comes with Volte Technology.

Q 4. How do I know if my device is JioFi connected?

Answer: If the Tower light of Your JioFi is Green Color then it means you are connected to the Internet. If it is not Green then check indicators given below.
Red – Sim not inserted or No Coverage.
Blue – Good Network but Not Connected.
Green – Internet is Connected.

Q 5. How can I speed up my Jio dongle?

Answer: Use these Tips to get Faster Internet Speed in JioFi Dongle.
1. Put Your JioFi Modem in Coverage Area.
2. Keep Your Mobile/PC Near your JioFi Device
3. Use USB Teathring for PC/Laptop
4. Check for the obstacle like wall in between Your Phone and jioFi